Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Research Idea

My research idea for my final year dissertation is to look the following aspects of the music print industry.

I decided to look at both the institutional aspect of magazines but including what the magazines do for the readers.

Within this topic the areas to analyse include:

  1. Whether readers use the magazines as a source of knowing what music is good?
  2. What is the relationship between the magazines and the readers?
  3. What this does for the magazine?
  4. Why do the readers buy the magazine?
I believe the areas listed above allow for the following research methods:

The topic areas listed allow for a few alternative research methods including focus groups, which would analyse how the audience respond to my questions, giving results for uses and gratifications study.

This can connect to interviews in a ‘vox pop’ style and work place ethnography within magazines with interviews with editors and writers and participation observation looking at both of their opinions, views and decisions towards the content. As well as this a comparison with past and present issues of selected magazines looking at qualitative differences.

This is just a quick look, in fact incredibly brief snippet, at what I want to look at and how I plan on doing so.

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