Monday, 7 May 2007

Local Election Results

Listed by Ward and winning candidate:

Acocks Green: Penny Anne Wagg - Lib Dem
Aston: Muhammed Afzal - Lab.
Bartley Green: John Lines - Cons.
Billesley: Colin John Hughes - Cons.
Bordesley Green: Shafique Hussain Shah - Lab.
Bournville: Tim Huxtable - Cons.
Brandwood: Mark Hill - Cons.
Edgbaston: James Hutchings - Cons.
Erdington: Gareth Francis Thomas Compton - Cons.
Hall Green: Jacqueline Anne Hawthorn - Lib Dem.
Handsworth Wood: Paulette Adassa Hamilton - Lab.
Harborne: Peter Hollingworth - Cons.
Hodge Hill: Gwyn Neilly - Lib Dem.
Kings Norton: Barbara Iris Wood - Cons.
Kingstanding: Peter Kane - Lab.
Ladywood: Albert Bore - Lab.
Longbridge: Keith Henry Barton - Cons.
Lozells and East Handsworth: Mahmood Hussain - Lab.
Moseley and Kings Heath: Emily Rohaise Cox - Lib Dem.
Nechells: Yvonne Mosquito - Lab.
Northfield: Reg Corns - Cons.
Oscott: Keith William Linnecor - Lab.
Perry Barr: Jon Hunt - Lib Dem.
Quinton: Len Clark - Cons.
Selly Oak: Robert Ian Wright - Lib Dem.
Shard End: Ian Antony Ward - Lab.
Sheldon: Paul Calvin Tilsley - Lib Dem.
Soho: Sybil Eurlena Spence - Lab.
South Yardley: David Osbourne - Lib Dem.
Sparkbrook: Mohammed Ishtiaq - Respect
Springfield: Tanveer Choudry - Lib Dem.
Stechford and Yardley North: Barbara Ann Jackson - Lib Dem.
Stockland Green: Mick Finnegan - Lab.
Sutton Four Oaks: Maureen Cornish - Cons.
Sutton New Hall: John Beadman - Cons.
Sutton Trinity: David Christopher Pears - Cons.
Sutton Vesey: Stuart James Macgregor Clarkson - Cons.
Tyburn: Mike Sharpe - Lab.
Washwood Heath: Ansar Ali Khan - Lab.
Weoley: Adrian Joseph Delaney - Cons.

So the overall verdict of elections concludes that the Conservative party won the overall majority, which was a common theme on a national scale, with the Liberal Democrats almost matching the Labour Parties figures in the West Midlands.

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