Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Cheating Politicians... who'd have guessed?

Labour activists in Birmingham have been accused of 'dirty tricks', following the recent arrests of 2 Lib Democrats in the latest postal vote fraud inquiry with the elections polls taking place later today.

Labour have dismissed the claims as 'outrageous' and have claimed to surprised by the arrests. But the ugly problem has reared its head once again just as the voting polls are being prepared for the elections later today.

In addition to this, the tightening of regulations towards the voting in the 6 wards of Birmingham has seen 20,000 people eliminated from voting, increasing speculation that the voting scandals were further widespread than previously predicted.

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Inspector Clouseau said...

There is a very simple reason why disgraced politicians should immediately resign no matter what the offense, or the talent they may possess which could benefit society: in this partisan, acrimonious, political environment in which we currently live, and at this point in time in our nation’s evolution, any elected official needs as much support from his constituency which he or she can gather. After the offense, that support base will undoubtedly diminish, and render their service less effective.

As for resignation, you might check out this.