Thursday, 5 April 2007

Aston Pride

The latest news from Aston concerning the council's 10-year development plan, Aston Pride, has just been completed.

The brand-new all weather sports pitch on Trinity Rd has just opened for bookings, with artificial grass, flood lighting and fencing surrounding the perimeter of the pitch, all of which contribute to creating a safer recreational environment.

The sports pitch cost a total of £715,000 of which £164,000 was funded by the Aston Pride development plan, but the majority of the investment came from Barclays (sports development programme) and Aston Villa Football Club, both of whom have contributed greatly to the recent improvements being made in the Aston region.

In addition to footing the majority of the bill, Barclays has also agreed to donate £45,000 towards the maintenance of the pitch and £5,000 for equipment.

To hire the pitch rates start from £20 per hour. Call: 0121 4644154