Thursday, 15 February 2007

Rant # 3

UCE Online Journalism class of '07 has created a online news site where all of the students will contribute their specified news areas.

My role is as acting correspondant for council news.

The ambition of the team is to compete for the 3 main awards for online student sites.

Visit the UCE online news-site, and see what the future of online journalism has to offer, here.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Rant #2 Chilly Issues...

With Birmingham becoming bloody cold over the past few days from wonderful snow, and frolicking in the frosty paradise by all. The city came to a dirty stand-still.

This led me to think about Global Warming, which is inevitably happening, and our pollution obviously isn't doing the situation any good. But is it purely pollutions fault, because think when they say phrases on the weather, or comments released by the MET office, such as "We haven't had a January this warm sine 1916", so how come it was so warm in 1916 hey. They didn't have people driving around in Hummers and Bentleys like you see today..

..from people like Arnold Swarzenegger, the most ironic politician! Come on, he bans smoking for people's health in California, yet he rags it around in a car bigger than his biceps! hmmmm little silly don't you think?

Well thats my little rant, but feel free to moan about how I'm wrong or maybe on the off-chance right!


Thursday, 8 February 2007

Rant #1: A student studying a 'dino'-profession

So I'm sat here in a seminar about 'Online Journalism' and asked "what are my views?"

So here we go...

Online Journalism has, in my view, become the commodity that Print media has to accommodate for in order to with-stand the 24-hour generation of news available through TV and Radio.

If the newspapers don't work with the Internet, there will no doubt be, and there are, purely online-newspapers that would steal the advertising revenue and readers.

The online newspaper also has almost unlimited space for the newspaper to store their published articles, therefore allowing people to reference to previous stories. As well as this news outlets such as Google News allow for the readers to search through archives and choose their preferred article, which puts all newspapers on a level playing field.

In its current state online news is not a thriving commodity, but in time, and with the right investment, it will become a key area of the media industry, and potentially could over-ride all other media outlets....When you consider that the BBC website has newspaper style stories, public input areas, sound clips, and can stream videos!

This kind of multi-media website allows for the public to have as much intake of quality news, as quick as possible. But also gives some print 'dino'-journalists the kick-up the arse they've been needing, and opens their eyes to the fact that the Internet is the future - not garlic bread! - and an upgraded model of journalist is needed to accommodate for these changes!