Monday, 7 May 2007

Birmingham Bar Academy (6/5/07): Frank Turner, Captain Black, Jay Jay Pistolet.

Last night saw Birmingham's introduction to the acoustic delights of Jay Jay Pistolet.

The New Forest originated performer, now living in London has been touring all of this month with Ex-Million Dead front man Frank Turner, a cult hero in his own right.

Jay Jay performed a mellow, but very intense acoustic act, grabbing the audiences attention with his catchy hooks and personal lyrics that give an insight to the past couple of years of his musical career in both a band and as a solo performer.

Songs such as 'This Place Is Like A Maze' and 'Holly' were immediate attention grabbing sing alongs. "Birmingham's alright innit, I was surprised to see so many people watching me" were the words from the modest Jay Jay following his performance.

Jay Jay definitely held his own well in a night full of great acts including Captain Black, another former Hampshire based, now London based, act who have gained much industry attention for their catchy country/pop rock which sounds a bit like The Levellers - but cooler!

Not forgetting the phenomenal Frank Turner, who had a massive cult following and has been drawing enormous crowds since his Million Dead days. With his punk rock roots combined with the more traditional acoustic influence Frank definitely knows how to write a catchy tune - even political ones like 'Thatcher Fucked The Kids', and does moan about Blair, like a certain Mr Ashcroft loves to do!

All 3 acts are performing nationwide throughout the next couple of months, check the links for tour dates.

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